contract farming agreements

At FBR Ltd, we specialise in the preparation and implementation of Contract Farming Agreements. If you are a landowner, we act as your agent and offer tailored professional advice, as well as flexible management services geared to your property and personal situation.

Depending on your requirements, we work closely with you to choose and appoint a suitable contractor, draw up agreements and budgets, and oversee the day-to-day running of the contract.

Equally, if you are a contractor and require assistance preparing a tender document for a Contract Farming opportunity, we can provide financial and practical guidance about your responsibilities and the impact on your business.

We recognise that every Contract Farming arrangement is different, and we will work with both parties to structure a clear, practical agreement that is right for your individual circumstances.

To speak to one of the FBR team about Contract Farming Agreements, call us on 01573 224381.