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10 Tips for IACS 2014



  1. If you returned your 2013 claim on line, don’t wait for paper forms in 2014 – you won’t get any
  2. Double check the FID numbers on your maps and Data Sheets
  3. Consider land classification carefully – there is likely to be much debate about TGRS, PGRS & RGR
  4. Don’t  claim LFASS on Naked Acres
  5. Don’t under estimate deductions for ineligible areas (tress, water, tracks, gorse etc)
  6. Make sure you activate all of your entitlements
  7. If you are short of land; contact us and we can arrange Naked Acres to meet the shortfall
  8. Remember to include your RDP annual recurrent items on the Data Sheets
  9. Make sure you have completed 2013 LMO capital works by 14th May 2014
  10. Don’t miss the 15th May deadline to submit your forms

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