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The end of an era

i) Single Farm Payment Scheme

2014 will herald the final year of the current Single Farm Payment System as we know it, and as ever it is vitally important to collate accurate information to make your claim. Please ensure that maps are up to date noting any further changes that can be notified on a Land & Business Change Form at the 15th May.

ii) Naked Acres

We are now actively trading Naked Acres to meet the requirements of SFP Entitlements holdings for 2014 IACS Claims. Don’t get caught out by not having enough land to activate the full value of your entitlements.

iii) Cross Compliance

Are you up to date with your NVZ records. By now you should have a complete record of 2013 year fertiliser applications on a field by field basis and be preparing a plan for the 2014 year.

If you have any concerns about any of these matters, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01573 224381 to discuss your requirements.

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